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Paul Sniffin

Founder and Managing Partner

Paul has more than 25 years of consulting experience in guiding and developing executives’ careers. He is one of the most experienced executive coaches in the Mid-Atlantic region and serves as the founder and managing partner of NOG Talent Solutions, the Baltimore/Washington offices of Career Partners International. Throughout his consulting career Paul has been in the forefront of change to help develop credentialing in the executive coaching and career management practices. He has served in a variety of leadership roles with two global consulting companies, including chairman of a global HR consulting organization, growing it to more than 200 offices. Paul’s initial leadership experience emerged when he served as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and combat helicopter pilot in Vietnam; he further developed his skills by building entrepreneurial organizations, sales organizations and leadership teams. These endeavors led him to the field of career and performance consulting, where he has spent 25+ years at the forefront. He is certified in multiple diagnostic assessments, including 360° multi-rater leadership tools in assessing and developing executive teams. He oversees the strategic direction of his organization, including the executive development and leadership coaching practice. He has authored numerous articles and lectured extensively on leadership and career topics. He is frequently called upon to work closely with organizations in building the commitment and performance of high-potential leaders, as well as coaching and advising senior executives.

Mark Hornberger

President and Chief Operating Officer

Before joining NOG Talent Solutions, Mark spent 18 years in manufacturing sales, procurement and senior retail management, including forecasting and establishing manufacturing operations domestically and overseas.  The common “thread” through Mark’s career has been his devotion to the customer, staying aligned with their needs and developing creative strategies to build or expand their business focus.

Most recently, he worked for one of the largest international furniture manufactures as a regional sales executive, helping his clients expand their product line, customer service and revenues.  Within two years he doubled revenue in his market and was recognized as the “Executive Representative of the Year” by his industry peers.  He achieved this honor by listening to his clients, understanding their needs and helping them grow their business, train their staff and resolve customer issues profitably.

While working with a $600MM furniture retail organization through strategic acquisitions and organic regional growth, the company had become the 6th largest furniture retailer in North America.  Mark continued to take on higher levels of responsibility to include developing and overseeing all import operations, strategic planning for outsourcing manufacturing, advertising and marketing, as well as procurement responsibilities for over $90MM of product line revenue.

His performance allowed for consistent promotions to various executive roles in procurement and merchandising.  Mark has demonstrated the ability to listen to his customers, colleagues and vendors…grasped their needs and been able to provide practical solutions and encouragement.

Sharon Scibek

Senior Consultant & Executive Coach

Sharon is a recognized leader in human resources with over 30 years of corporate experience in private industry, union pension funds, government contracting, and financial services.  In addition, she served as adjunct professor in the business department at Anne Arundel Community College and the graduate HRD program at McDaniel College.  Her success is built on the leadership philosophy that consistently creates opportunity and results through the development of its people.

In her corporate life, Sharon developed effective recruiting and talent management programs which included on-boarding and performance management.  She was influential in driving change that resulted in a 22- week reduction of pension applications, and served as a chief union negotiator steering successful contract negotiation. Sharon championed, designed, and executed the seamless transition of a large staff reduction due to the company’s acquisition. (Segall-Majestic).During her tenure at the NEBF, her HR team initiatives helped the organization to win the TOPS, Employer of the Year award for two consecutive years.  In addition, her department was awarded the HR team of the year award through the CHRA (Chesapeake HR Association). Sharon served as President of the CHRA Board of Directors as well as other non-profit boards.  She is a fellow for the Chesapeake HR Foundation. Her career success is built on a simple approach to the complexities of organizational effectiveness:  an honest conversation.

Sharon is a certified coach through Newfield Network.  She completed the Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations certification course at Cornell University.  In addition she is certified in the Caliper Assessment for Talent Selection and the Belbin assessment for Team Effectiveness.

Mike Paradis

Senior Consultant / Career Management Coach / Executive Coach

Mike has over 30 years of corporate experience in financial services and investment banking. He rose to the rank of chief information officer or a global financial services company (DB Alex Brown/Deutsche Banc) with global responsibility for numerous projects, including the company’s three-year Y2K project. Mike spent much of his career recruiting critical technology-skilled employees and building them into a cohesive and effective team. He quickly learned the critical strategies needed to provide career growth for hard-to-find technology professionals and achieved incredibly high levels of retention and performance. As a result, he was recognized as having developed one of the company’s best technology teams. Mike is adept at solving the toughest operational problems and working with multicultural workforces. He has worked effectively as a consultant in a wide range of organizations, from large, global corporations to smaller entrepreneurial companies. His expertise lies in quickly grasping and getting at the critical problems affecting executive or team performance. As a seasoned executive and consultant, Mike provides an environment that helps guide and coach executives confidently through the difficult task of moving into new roles, as well as helping to resolve difficult team issues.

Joseph Ognibene

Senior Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant

Joseph Ognibene is an executive consultant with over 30 years experience specializing in leadership development, human resource consulting, organization development and education.

As a regional executive for Personnel Decisions International (PDI), Joseph led the business development in the East and Latin America regions for leadership development products.  For key Fortune 100 clients, Joseph has developed competency models, led certification workshops, facilitated assessment feedback, coached individuals at all levels, led teambuilding, and worked with leaders to design and develop effective development experiences.  He also managed PDI’s 360° assessment certification programs for clients and value-added resellers.

Prior to joining PDI, he consulted independently in the areas of HR and OD for a variety of companies notably Lightspan, an online education organization. Joseph led the recruitment of over 100 individuals across functional areas to meet the company’s aggressive growth goals.

During his 10 years at Boeing, Joseph held several positions including program director for the staffing and development of Boeing’s 800-member HR manager and executive roster. When Boeing sought performance improvement in its 40,000 employees, Joseph led the design and implementation of a competency based 360° assessment program, an integral part of the company’s cultural change initiative. He planned and implemented all aspects of this multimillion-dollar project.

As an internal OD consultant at Boeing, Joseph worked with internal and external customers and suppliers across functional areas on a variety of challenging assignments including leading multi-company teambuilding sessions to kick-off military fighter design and production, assisting  Boeing’s IT ‘think tank’ team in the development of their vision, supporting the Finance department to design a development experience for high potential leaders, and facilitating annual budget planning meetings for a multi-billion dollar military aircraft program.

Earlier in his career, as manager of training and development for Edison Brothers Stores, Joseph was responsible for operations and sales training for over 2500 retail store managers. He taught French and Italian for several years at the secondary level early in his career. Joseph has been a presenter at national professional conferences, and has delivered lectures and seminars on employee development, management, team building, and interpersonal dynamics in various venues.

Marilyn Blocker

Senior Consultant and Senior Executive Coach

Marilyn has 30+ years of leadership experience in the life sciences, healthcare, financial services, high tech, telecommunications, manufacturing, and service industries.  Her background includes senior leadership and internal consulting roles at The Coca-Cola Company, GTE Corporation (now Verizon Communications), John Hancock Financial Services, Providence Health System, and Philips Electronics.

While serving on senior leadership teams at these organizations, Marilyn developed and refined strategic and operations planning skills and built a strong foundation for consulting services that include planning facilitation, performance management, leadership and team development, coaching and mentoring, and succession planning.  She assists organizations in dealing with change due to rapid growth, culture transformation, mergers and acquisitions, consolidation, restructuring, redesign, downsizing, and divestiture.

Marilyn graduated with honors from the University of Maryland and holds an MBA, a Master of Science in Management, and a certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University.  She presents at monthly meetings and conferences of various professional organizations, has published for BusinessWeek and the University of Wisconsin, and has authored Orchestrating Innovation:  Moving Beyond the Hype, to be published in Fall, 2013.  In addition to providing consulting services, Marilyn is an instructor, program designer, and guest lecturer at NYU. 





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