Career Solutions

NOG Talent Solutions is committed to assisting you with career planning and employment goals.  A variety of programs and services are offered to aid you in your Career development and Career counseling.


NOG Talent Solutions recognizes that we can have a positive impact on your career.  If you are looking to start a new career, or would like to advance your career, we offer special services for employees that can help.  We are committed to providing exceptional service in a welcoming, respectful environment.  NOG Talent Solutions encourages the discovery and refinement of employees’ work values, interests and skills, and their relationship to work in a dynamic global community.


 We are your door to possibilities—to effective career planning and choices resulting in the enrichment of a fulfilling career path. This is accomplished through the use of innovative and personalized services incorporating technology and collaboration with employees and employers.

A sample of our Career Solutions includes:

  • Career Transition / Outplacement
  • Career Planning and Mobility
  • Working Partner Relocation
  • New Position Assimilation – “on-Boarding”

NOG Talent Solutions
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