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Invest in executive coaching to improve management performance.

Companies can’t wait for leadership excellence to just happen.  Financial resources and a sound strategy will take you only so far. In today’s highly competitive business environment leadership often becomes the critical difference between good and great.  The critical element for your success is to identify and develop your leaders along with your strategy to build your business.  With NOG Talent Solutions’s leadership development and coaching programs, we help executives and other leaders attain the critical skills necessary to compete more effectively in today’s turbulent business environment.

Numerous studies strongly support business coaching as a key driver of development and improved management performance.  Other studies indicate that executives rank coaching above all other leadership development programs.  Again, research has documented improvements in executive performance in areas such as productivity, retention and improved team performance.  While NOG Talent Solutions provides executive coaching services to bring out the best in every leader, we also devote special attention to the newly hired executive in an on-boarding process to help ensure the executive’s successful integration with the executive team and entire business.

Successful business teamEarn the greatest ROI with coaching programs for your high-potential executives.

When looking at top management everybody is smart, but identifying what will make them stronger performers is the question.  Our faculty of seasoned coaches, who have numerous years of executive responsibility, as well as consulting and coaching experience, can quickly focus on essential areas that impact performance and key relationships.  They know what it is like to work with highly talented and performance-driven people, and their corporate-savvy advice brings results.

The explosive growth in executive coaching and the ease of entry to be a “coach” have garnered mixed results.  This creates a dilemma for the organization trying to decide how to choose an executive coaching firm.  It is our strongly held belief that coaches who are best suited for consulting executives have themselves been corporate senior executives and are steeped in real-world business experience, as well as a strong foundation in human or organizational development.  This has driven our selection criteria to focus on experience, credentials and a passion for the work.

In addition to credentials, executive coaching requires a methodical process.

Every organization is unique.  What makes a business thrive are leaders who create a corporate culture that motivates employees to peak management performance and spawn a commitment to continuous improvement up and down the ranks.  Personal styles do matter.  Teamwork matters.

NOG Talent Solutions’s first step in the business coaching process is to invest the needed time to evaluate and understand the critical needs and objectives of the corporate client.  Our next step is assessment, which includes 360-degree assessment and feedback to validate assumptions and focus the coaching efforts on the critical needs of the individual.  We use this information to create a development plan clearly linked to business outcomes, building on strengths.  Our goal is behavioral change, which typically takes three to six months, as the executive implements his or her plan.  Sustained change requires a longer process.

Business teamWe adapt our executive coaching process to meet individual needs and to the demanding schedules of the busy corporate executive

NOG Talent Solutions complements its executive coaching sessions with a wealth of e-learning experiences and resources available 24/7, as well as focusing our expertise to broader talent development services, including leadership development and organizational effectiveness.

When is executive coaching relevant to your business?

When you want to:

  • Design and implement organization-wide leadership development programs
  • Conduct leadership assessments
  • Help new leaders and executive teams succeed
  • Develop high-potential leaders for succession planning and retention
  • Guide individual leaders experiencing leadership challenges
  • Guide career decision-making when an executive is at a critical career crossroads
On the fence about coaching?  In a washingtonpost.com article, writer Amy Joyce cited statistics from consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton that its $414,310 investment in coaching resulted in $3.3 million in returns for a 689 % return on investment.  Contact us today to learn how we can affect your bottom line.

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