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“Voyages” – A Career Decision Solution


Contemplative young businesswoman holding a spectaclesNOG Talent Solutions has developed a Career Decision Making program, “Voyages”, that uses the analogy of a journey of one’s career and life.  This program is designed to help a participant objectively evaluate their current career including life balance and other personal priorities, and by following a systematic process of one-on-one coaching, workshops, research and job search related strategies, they are guided to a decision point in their life and career.

“Voyages” differs from the traditional job search program in that it encourages clients to journey inward, to reflect on early dreams, aspirations, passions, and special gifts—and then guides clients as to how they might apply their total selves to new roles.  This could include a decision to stay with their current organization, a potential new career track or even to look elsewhere.  This program can be adapted and personalized to your organizational needs and those of your employees, as well as a “train the coaches” approach for delivery.

To this end, the program helps clients to:

  • examine current assumptions and explore various options
  • achieve insight and clarity about values, preferences, and behaviors
  • develop goals and objectives for the current stage
  • formulate strategies to support goals and objectives, and
  • translate strategies into actions customized to needs and talents

The outline of our process is as follows:

  • Your Journey of Self-Discovery
  • Understanding Career and Life Transitions
  • What is it that makes sense for me?
  • Building my Strategic Career Plan

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