New Leader Assimilation – “On-Boarding”

The term “on-boarding” refers to the process of integrating new employees into the organization, of preparing them to succeed at their job, and to become fully engaged, productive members of the organization.  It includes the initial orientation process and the ensuing 3 – 9 months (or however long it takes to get an employee “up to speed” in a particular company or discipline).

While research has shown that companies who offer an effective, structured orientation program were 69% more likely to retain their employees after three years that those who do not offer such a program, the number of organizations who have no formal management assimilation program remains staggering.

Business deal To support our Candidates in their newly acquired positions, NOG Talent Solutions has developed a program focusing on the critical factors impacting an individual’s success.  Mastering these strategic growth steps early on, greatly enhances a new employee’s performance, peer relationships, interactions with direct reports and most importantly reaching the goals by which success is measured. 

NOG Talent Solutions
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