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Challenge:  An engineering company was experiencing significant growth and the need to build critical leadership skills among their emerging high potential engineers was needed.

Solution:  New Options Group Talent Solutions was selected to design a curriculum of course work for an annual class of leaders that included assessments, coursework and coaching. A multi-year assignment for emerging leaders was developed and facilitated by New Options Group Talent Solutions, linking all development activities and courses to the strategic objectives of the company.  The company’s pipe-line of regional leaders was achieved along with an improved retention ratio.


Challenge: A global software company had experienced an extraordinary level of growth, but managerial and leadership skills were lacking throughout the company, as too often software engineers were put into leadership roles without training or experience.  Turnover and poor performance of critical teams were impacting growth objectives.

Solution: New Options Group Talent Solutions completed an assessment of training needs and designed a series of courses and curriculum for all managers and leaders.  Courses were facilitated in the U.S., Canada and England, as well as providing additional leadership assessment and coaching sessions for select locations.


Challenge: New Options Group Talent Solutions was called upon to provide leadership development for a “Hi-Po” technology leader that had recently taken over a larger area of responsibility, including international locations and teams.   He was considered to be a potential CIO, but was experiencing team and peer relationship problems that were beginning to impact divisional performance.  He had a significant history of achieving impressive results and as his divisional responsibilities expanded, he needed to learn how to build the necessary and critical skills to succeed in his new position.

Solution:  After an executive assessment, multiple discussions and a series of 360° interviews, we provided feedback on his current leadership profile and linked this profile to the critical leadership skills needed for his new role.  This identified three developmental needs, core competencies essential for continued success, and strategies to strengthen these competencies.  On-going coaching sessions have provided this leader with the critical feedback, strategies and support to “mend fences”, rebuild his image and begin to strengthen his team’s performance.


Challenge: A large non-profit trade association had recently lost their CIO and had placed the CFO into a combined role heading up technology and finance (CIO & CFO).  There was immediate and considerable push back from his peers and the executive was losing ground fast.

Solution:  The President retained New Options Group Talent Solutions to provide a long term executive coaching program to help resolve the deteriorating situation.  We completed an extensive executive and organizational assessment to determine key issues and isolate problem areas.  Though the executive was certainly capable of handling the complex issues of his new role, he had managed to use his new powers and influence in a confrontational manner and had an “enemies list” that was growing daily.  Once he was confronted with these issues, the executive had to rebuild trust among his peers and other departments, as well as learn to strengthen his collaborative capabilities.  It took time (6 months) to regain trust among the leadership team, but eventually his improved interpersonal skills, a learned approach to improve his willingness to collaborate with his peers to solve technical, financial or budget issues eventually won him a new list…this time a “friends list.”


ist1_10308967-senior-business-men2BOARD/EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT

Challenge:  When a leading not-for-profit organization began to experience growing pains, its Board of Directors wanted to ensure that current leadership had the required competencies to function in increasingly more complex roles.

Solution:  Comprehensive interviews, a 360-feedback process, discussions regarding key competencies, and a review of key processes and key performance indicators were used to assess both organizational and leadership performance.  Competency models were developed for Board members and Executive Management Team members and individual performance was assessed accordingly.  This served as an objective basis for evaluating current leadership, recruitment of new Executive Management team members, and board member recruitment/development.

ist1_10827652-happy-business-colleagues-during-a-meeting-in-officeSTRATEGIC PLANNING/TEAM BUILDING

Challenge:  After rapidly expanding through acquisition, a traditional-bricks-and-mortar healthcare organization was in need of new business models that would allow for decentralization while still preserving centralized control.

Solution:  A team building initiative linked to strategic planning explored various organizational designs.  At the same time, leadership contracts clarified roles and accountabilities and improved problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution.  The organization continues to receive national acclaim.  Its executive team is still intact and functioning efficiently and effectively.


Challenge: New leaders in an organization were struggling with organizational fit, and meeting expectations for their new leadership roles.  Ramp-up time to full performance was being hindered, and early assessment by top leadership was that the new placements had not been effective.

Solution:  Developed a New Leader Assimilation process that provided early feedback to new leaders.  The process gathered feedback, via one-on-one interviews, with key peers and direct reports after the first 4 -5 months of the new leaders move.  Feedback of the interview results, along with coaching, helped the new leader to make early course corrections in areas where either real or perceived behaviors were interfering with effectiveness and relationship building critical to continued success.

ist1_9516351-portrait-of-mature-businesswomanPERFORMANCE COACHING, SENIOR EXECUTIVE LEVEL

Challenge:  The COO of a major health care company received negative 360° feedback, which would hamper his ability to realize important strategic goals.  His guidance from the CEO required the use of a coach to assist in his development over a 6-month period.

Solution:  Developed a strong rapport with the COO, assisting him in the identification of specific development goals to manage conflict more effectively, delegate to direct reports more appropriately, and curb aggressive tendencies with peers and others.  Follow-on quantitative and qualitative feedback from 360 respondents indicated improvement for this executive in target development areas.  The COO has re-engaged my coaching services in a second round of development challenges to support his upcoming performance as interim CEO of the organization.

ist1_3083414-business-seminarMANAGEMENT CURRICULUM DESIGN

Challenge:  A major manufacturing company with a 5,000-member management team (middle, first-line, and team leader) required a corporate sponsored comprehensive training and development curriculum to upscale performance across five divisions.  Although several curricula were in place across the organization, none addressed the full breath of needs for managers.  In addition, inconsistencies caused confusion and negatively impacted talent management.  The challenge included the need to engage divisional curriculum specialists to support this corporate initiative with their areas.

Solution:  As team leader, curricula across divisions were reviewed for completeness and consistency in view of overall organizational and individual division needs.  Local division curriculum planners provided input, made and evaluated suggestions, and contributed to final recommendations.  Upon approval of the new corporate curriculum, local experts managed changes in training and development coursework to reflect the new curriculum.  Provided guidance and support over a 9-month period of implementation.





Type of Coaching/Issue(s):  Skills development coaching was employed to help client modify a micromanagement style that inhibited the creativity and innovation needed for start-up initiatives and activities.

Result:  When client became aware that current behaviors produced excessive turnover in key positions, he adopted new behaviors and successfully employed new processes.


Type of Coaching/Issue(s):  Skills development coaching helped client to modify an introverted, highly analytical style that inhibited open communication and conflict resolution.

Result:  Client achieved successful turnaround through extensive, organization-wide communication efforts and improved performance management.  The hospital was ranked among top 100 U.S. hospitals a year after turnaround.


Type of Coaching/Issue(s):  Performance, skills, and assimilation coaching were used to assist client whose highly technical style and perfectionism caused him to postpone a major downsizing initiative.

Result:  Faced with negative perceptions about his personal competence, client accepted assistance in breaking the project down into manageable pieces.  He subsequently utilized a peer review process for decision making and also produced a project management template for the current project and potential future projects.


Type of Coaching/Presenting Issue(s):  Future development coaching was employed when working with physicians designated as having leadership potential.

Result:  After being taught basic components of effective leadership and management, clients self assessed their performance and employed new behaviors with excellent results.

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