Coaching High Potential Leaders

High potential leaders are your future competitive edge!

Building talent, retaining talent, closing the talent gaps, utilizing your “A-level” talent to give you a strategic advantage…all these issues or questions that lead to the same place.

Are we doing enough to ensure that our critical talent will be in place when needed?”

Compass ConceptWith an ever increasing competitive and shifting landscape, increased demand for leaders, retirement of key executives…all make high-impact development for your leaders more crucial than ever.  High potential talent     (Hi-Po’s) are a critical resource for your organization and NOG Talent Solutions Leadership Advantage Process offers future leaders a path to essential development and preparation to effectively meet today’s business challenges and future success.  Our 4-step process has been built on decades of experience working with leadership teams, coaching senior leaders and developing curriculum of high impact learning.

Based on our experience we’ve determined that the two most important components of success are not necessarily any specific or essential leadership skill, but more aligned with building a commitment to learning and an ability to adapt to changing demands.  Our process includes:

  • Business Strategy Defining the development context by integrating the leadership development and coaching process with the business strategy and organizational objectives
  • People Strategy Building a versatile leader that can learn to adapt to rapidly changing situational or organizational needs and to begin to understand what successful leadership looks like in their new levels of responsibilities; focus is on developing essential leadership competencies and skills and learning to successfully adapt these new skills to success “on the job.”
  • Team Strategy- Learning how not to rely solely on one’s efforts or talents, but learning how to build effective teams focusing on alignment, performance and results
  • Career Strategy- Successful careers do not happen by chance…but by plan and strategy; integrating all of these elements creates a pathway for longer term success and career fulfillment

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