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Your company’s future depends on its leadership development strategy.

Your company has a business plan. Does your leadership team have one?

Developing leadership talent is a critical business issue that too often is perceived as something that people are born with instead of something that can be developed, then integrated into their positions.

With all the pressures of daily business operations, it’s easy to neglect strategy that ensures long-term corporate success. But your company’s future depends on an integrated leadership development process that is linked to your business objectives, as well as a comprehensive career management and succession planning process. Leadership development doesn’t stop there, though. Every key employee needs to feel buy-in for a personal leadership program. With our leadership development and organizational effectiveness services, NOG Talent Solutions is poised to assist your business in defining the synergistic personal development strategies that can set a company apart from your competition.


Research Validates Leadership Development…but  in an Unexpected Way

In two publications, The Harvard Business Review, “When Does Leadership Matter,” and a recent study entitled, “Top Management Team Cohesion and Superior Industry Returns” published in the journal, Group & Organizational Management, it is suggested that while leadership has a weak direct association with performance, leaders do indirectly impact performance.  In fact, leadership impacts roughly 14% of a team’s overall cohesion, according to research and when you consider that cohesion accounts for roughly 28% of a team’s performance, more than a quarter of a team’s output results from cohesion.

This research supports what we already know– that leadership is important- but suggests that it is important in an unexpected way.  First off, some leaders matter more than others.  Second, leaders matter not in how they can singularly get results, but rather in how effective they are at developing cohesion with their teams.

Let’s take an example.  If cohesiveness accounts for 28% of a team’s performance and let’s consider a division in which revenue target is $100 million.  If the team is cohesive, which leads to improved performance, it could bring in $128 million; if it lacks cohesion it could bring in $78 million.  That’s a $56 million variable impacted by team cohesion…and research shows that leadership accounts for 14% of team cohesion.

Leadership does matter- focusing on the correct leadership traits can make a difference.


Leadership assessment is the first, critical step to success.

Assessing, selecting and leadership development training for the right talent ensures smooth successions and excellence among your leadership team.  NOG Talent Solutions brings clarity to your task of defining core competencies for all critical roles in your company, with special emphasis on current and future leadership.  We help you develop leadership assessment strategies, select appropriate skill and self-assessment tools, and methodically approach the development of your potential leadership.  We offer leadership assessment instruments and development services on a one-on-one basis or for groups of employees.

With an eye toward improving retention, NOG Talent Solutions coaches leaders in making employees feel valued, and in defining and communicating the mobility available within the organization.  And should downsizing, career transition or retirement concerns arise, NOG Talent Solutions offers a full range of outplacement and career transition services.  Are your employees being served?  Ask them with a custom employee commitment survey. 

A critical barometer for measuring the success of any leadership development program is the employee commitment surveyNOG Talent Solutions can assist your business in the development, administration and interpretation of climate surveys. More importantly, we can integrate the employee satisfaction survey results into both tactical and strategic leadership development plans for your company’s current and future leadership.

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