Retirement Solutions

Retirement is not an end to productive work or personal contribution.

Senior couple on cycle rideRather, it is a time to develop a new, personally healthy and constructive lifestyle that may not be available during one’s full-time career or occupation.  Our program has been defined around core materials developed by Richard P Johnson, Ph.D, a nationally recognized speaker, lecturer, and expert in the field of retirement and adult development.  Instructional materials are available in print and online, and include corresponding exercises that help participants face realities and recognize hidden opportunities.

Our program is designed around empowering individuals to be the best that they can be in their mature years.  Participants begin with a 99-item assessment instrument that covers 20 separate lifestyle and attitudinal factors.  The assessment provides a clear, well-ordered and scaled overview of how each participant compares to others in similar life circumstances with respect to their personal growth toward retirement.  In-depth program materials then guide participants through these key areas:

  • Career and work Discovering your ideal work, work benefits and work options
  • Health and wellness – Examining personal health practices, vitality, and wellness attitudes
  • Finances and insurance – Testing knowledge of finances, financial planning, and financial confidence
  • Family and relationships – Considering flexibility options, the need to provide caregiving for aging parents or adult children, and grandparenting
  • Leisure and social – Uncovering your preferences for leisure, residence, travel, and hobbies
  • Personal development – Exploring your life meaning and opportunities for education and volunteering
  • Legal and legacy – Ensuring that wills, estates, trusts, power-of-attorney, healthcare administration and other documents are in place to protect you and your family

NOG Talent Solution Consultants compliment the in-depth exploration experience with powerful questions that help participants move forward.  Using the accurate, calibrated personal data, Consultants guide individuals to achieve their greatest possible fulfillment.

NOG Talent Solutions
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